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Bergkamp - Bergkamp FP5 Flameless Pothole Patcher - Related Products

The Bergkamp FP5 is a flameless pothole repair system that uses an onboard 230 volt AC alternator to power two 3.5kw heating elements in a 5.1 cubic yard hopper.  In the case of truck installations, the alternator is hydraulically driven by the truck engine.  Trailer mount installations use an auxiliary engine to run the alternator.  Electric heating eliminates maintenance problems associated with hot oil systems and frequent refills of propane systems.

The hopper and doors are double walled and insulated to maintain uniform heat distribution.  Asphalt is kept hot during non-working hours by simply plugging the unit in.  This allows you to load the hopper late in the day when lines are short at the asphalt plant and be ready to start the next morning.
A dual purpose wand allows the operator to blow debris out of the pothole and evenly spray emulsion.  Tack coat material is returned from the supply line to the storage tank, cleaning the wand tip and line and agitating the emulsion within the tank. This eliminates clogging and the use of troublesome pumps.  A cleaning fluid system is plumbed into the tack coat system for flushing of the line and spray wand while cleaning the tank, pump, hose, hopper walls and hand tools.
Rear and curbside spoils bins increase safety by keeping the crew out of traffic, while a large access platform provides safe and easy access to the hopper, convenient filling of storage tanks and easier maintenance.

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