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The Factory Cat Magnum Cylindrical industrial battery floor scrubber-sweeper is a tough, industrial quality, full size walk behind unit.  Built with a full steel chassis and extra thick tanks, the Magnum stands alone in its class of industrial battery floor scrubbers.  Industrial applications require performance, durability and reliability, and the Magnum delivers on all counts.  No other full size walk behind automatic scrubber comes close to the value offered by the Factory Cat Magnum.


The use of cylindrical brushes allow this model to collect loose debris while scrubbing, therefore eliminating the need to pre-sweep the floor in many cases. The aggressive high speed cylindrical brushes do an excellent job of cleaning irregular surfaces such as tile grout lines or rough concrete


It’s available in three scrubbing widths, 27”, 30" and 34", so it's easy to find the right size for your application.

Optional manager lock-out devices allow supervisors to set and lock operating parameters such as brush pressure and solution flow rate, eliminating unnecessary brush wear and waste of cleaning solution.  An available on-board soap system helps manage detergent use and eliminates messy drum storage.

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