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Licensable Low Speed Vehicles

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Star EV - Star EV BN48-06 NEV - Related Products

The B48-06 is a rugged and comfortable six passenger people mover with four forward facing seats and two rear facing seats.   Available solid doors create a fully enclosed cab in the forward facing seating area. An automotive safety glass windshield with wiper is standard and four-wheel hydraulic brakes provide the extra measure of safety when making sudden stops.

In its standard version it will attain a top speed of 19.5 mph. A street legal LSV option is available with a top speed of 25 mph. 
Like all Star EV models, the B48-06 comes loaded with accessories that are typically optional on other brands, including  speedometer, odometer, stereo system, headlights, taillights, brake lights, turn signals, three-point seat belts, battery indicator and reverse alarm.  Optional enhancements include PA system, doors, heater/defroster, roof mounted strobe warning light and self sealing tires.
The Star B48-06 NEV version conforms to NHTSA CFR Title 49 – 571.500, Low Speed Vehicle Regulations and is licensable as such in 45 states, including North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Georgia
The Star EV B48-06 is ideally suited for personnel transport at universities, resorts, schools, and many other facilities.

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