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Salt & Sand Spreaders

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The workhorse of state and local DOT’s everywhere, the Swenson EV Series of spreaders are available in 96 different models to fit any application.  Capacities range from 4.3 to 12.0 cubic yards and all models are available in your choice of powder coated carbon steel or stainless steel.  Choose from chain conveyor or auger versions.

Swenson EV spreaders can be ordered with central hydraulic drive or equipped with an engine driven self-contained hydraulic package.  For simplified storage, select the heavy-duty leg stand option.  Manufactured of structural steel tubing, the leg stand is bolted directly to the V-Box.  The forward legs fold up as the vehicle backs underneath and the rear legs telescope.
Manufactured of 10 gauge carbon or 12 gauge stainless steel and with 7 gauge longitudinals, Swenson V-Box spreaders are built to last.  All models include Drop N Loc™ top screens, have a 45 degree side slope and can be built with sloping fronts to meet dump truck clearance requirements.  

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