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Vantage - Vantage GreenVan EVP1000 Passenger LSV - GSA Certified Related Products

All Vantage GreenTruck LSV models conform to NHTSA CFR Title 49 – 571.500, Low Speed Vehicle Regulations and are licensable as such in 45 states, including North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Georgia.  Their 35 hp, 72 volt AC drive systems deliver remarkable performance, accelerating from 0 to 25 mph in just 5 seconds.  The AC drive also provides the torque necessary to climb steep hills without a decline in performance.  Vantage GreenTrucks are the sensible alternative fuel solution for universities, military bases, municipalities and resorts who seek low operating cost and a compact, highly maneuverable vehicle. 

The Vantage GreenTruck EVP1000 Passenger Van provides comfortable seating for seven and high visibility windows on both sides and rear.  Both right and left side sliding doors allow for easy entry and exit and a rear hatchback door accesses a storage area.  Available options include heavy-duty springs, reverse warning alarm, strobe lights and more.
GreenTrucks are all equipped with rack & pinion steering, front disc and rear drum brakes and large 165/70 R13 tires.  The sealed, maintenance free batteries have an estimated 30,000 mile life, provide up to a 40 mile range when fully charged, and are recharged in 4 to 6 hours by an on-board 72 volt charger which accepts 115 volt or 230 volt input.

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