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Licensable Low Speed Vehicles

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Vantage - Vantage ePrimo V4XC-Li Lithium 4x4 Cargo LSV - GSA Certified Related Products

The Vantage ePrimo 96 volt Lithium Electric series of vehicles represents the finest Low Speed Vehicles available.  Powered by a 35 hp AC electric motor with a 96 volt lithium battery, these LSV’s offer the highest level of performance and longest run time of any licensable low speed vehicle. 
All Vantage ePrimo models conform to NHTSA CFR Title 49 – 571.500, Low Speed Vehicle Regulations and are licensable as such in 45 states, including North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Georgia.
The model V4XC-Li includes selectable four wheel drive allowing it to be driven where you would not consider taking a conventional LSV.  The ePrimo V4X versions represent the no-compromise Zero Emissions alternative that you’ve been waiting for.
A heater is standard equipment and air conditioning is optional.  Also standard are a single in-dash CD player and radio, power steering, central door locks, two-layer glove box, cup holders, on-board diagnostic system and on-board charger.

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