Colleges and universities have long looked to Carolina Industrial Equipment, Inc. for a variety of transportation and maintenance solutions. Highly maneuverable and environmentally friendly utility vehicles allow maintenance departments to negotiate narrow sidewalks and cross turf without the risk of damage or high operating cost associated with full sized automotive products. Licensable Zero Emissions electric Low Speed Vehicles (LSVs) provide the answer for urban campuses that must travel city streets. Security is enhanced when using one of our compact and efficient patrol vehicles, while our multi-passenger and handicap accessible vehicles allow you to show off the entire campus to tour groups.

Snow plows and ice control equipment keep roads and sidewalks safe in winter, while leaf collection systems keep the campus beautiful in fall. Parking decks are kept clean by our high quality sweepers and our litter vacuums facilitate event cleanup. If you're doing your own sewer or storm drain maintenance, then look to our line up of hydro jetters and sewer cleaning equipment.

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