Deep Trekker DT340S Pipe Crawler

Deep Trekker DT340S Pipe Crawler

The DT340 S package includes everything you need as a professional pipe inspector. The system includes a pan, tilt and zoom camera to easily view your entire pipe system as well as a tether length counter to know where defects are found within the pipe system. The simple to use handheld controller with integrated viewing screen includes everything you need to operate your DT340 crawler.

The DT340 S Package is ideal for professional pipe inspections. Built on the proven design of Deep Trekker remotely operated vehicles, the DT340 Pipe Crawler is complete with on-board batteries lasting up to 8 hours on a 1.5 hour charge. Short charge-ups while on a break, extend this life even longer. Using a hand-held controller with an integrated super-bright viewing screen, inspectors can easily maneuver throughout their pipe system.

The benefit of batteries are numerous, not only can the entire system be deployed by one or two people, no additional trucks or equipment are required. The entire system fits into two carrying cases, that can be easily stored and deployed from a small vehicle or ATV.

The Standard system comes complete with 4 wheels designed to fit in an 8 inch pipe. Optional wheel sizes and tracks are available to properly position the camera head in the center of the pipe. Optional wheels and tracks can be added or removed in-field. The options bolt onto the outside of the standard wheels using four screws.

Technical Specifications


Size (L x W x H)

27.95" x 5.55" x 5.96"


36.59 lbs.


Stainless Steel Aluminum, High Strength Sapphire

Depth Rating

50 m (164 ft)

Viewing Capability

Pipelines 8" diameter to 36" center

Turning Radius

Operating Temp

-5C to 40C

Top Speed

Run Time

Up to 8.0 Hours Battery Life

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