Pipe Trekker A-200 Pipe Crawler

Pipe Trekker A-200 Pipe Crawler

The Pipe Trekker A-200 replaces the Deep Trekker 340 series as your super-portable pipe inspection crawler for 8″ diameter pipes and larger. It’s battery-powered so you can use it anywhere, but has hybrid power options available to provide the best of both worlds. Plus, this pipe crawler is durably built and fully submersible. With the A-200, you can have everything you need for CCTV inspections on a vehicle as small as an ATV or as large as a vac truck.

The A-200 is equipped with an HD PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) camera, and options are available for additional sensors like sonar and lasers. Pipe Trekker’s onboard software takes care of videos, photos, and connecting to the weather-proof handheld controller, but you can also integrate with other software providers such as WinCan for coded reports, GIS mapping, and AI-enabled defect detection.

Included standard are: PTZ HD Camera, Weatherproof Controller, Motorized Arm, 3 Rubber Wheel Kits, 512Hz Sonde, Floodlights & Laser Scaler, 200m Tether, 2 Pelican Cases.

Optional add-ons include: Automatic Reel, Up to 310m Tether, Rear Camera, Pneumatic Tires, Tablet Style Controller, and more.

Technical Specifications



6" – 12.2"


28.2" – 29.5"


5.5" – 20.6"


Up to 64.6 lbs.


Stainless Steel, Machined Aluminum, Sapphire Lens Cover

Depth Rating

50m (164')

Min Diameter


Max Diameter (w/ Camera Head Centered)


Operating Temp

-5°C – 40°C (23°F – 104°F)

Run Time

Up To 5.0 Hours Battery Life

Top Speed

Camera Resolution

1080p / 8MP

Camera Pan

360° Continuous

Camera Tilt

+/- 140° (280° Total)

Camera Zoom

10x Optical, 120x Digital

Camera Focus

Auto, Manual

Camera Exposure

Auto, Manual

Camera Lights

900 Lumens; Auxiliary: 1500 Lumens

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  • Up to 5 hr battery life or continuous hybrid power
  • Fits 8" - 36" Pipes
  • HD PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) Camera with Rear Camera Available
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  • Battery operated portable pipe inspection system
  • High definition pan and tilt camera
  • Easy to use with one hand-held controller
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  • Magnetic wheels
  • 75 m Tether on Reel
  • 5.6" LCD Controller
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