Schwarze Spray Patcher Street Max

Schwarze Spray Patcher Street Max

The Schwarze Spray Patcher Street Max is a trailer mounted pavement repair system. Its aggregate hopper is fed by a standard sump truck and it carries 300 gallons emulsion to stay on the job longer between refills. The unit is fully shrouded to protect components from the elements and allow cold weather operation.

The easy to operate Street Max is powered by a 49 HP Perkins diesel engine with 40 gallon fuel tank. An optional vacuum system is available to assist in cleaning potholes of water and debris prior to repair.

All Schwarze products are American made in an ASQ/ANSI/ISO 9001:2105 Standard quality system certified facility in Huntsville, Alabama.

Technical Specifications


Aux. Engine

Deutz T4F TD2.9, 74 HP @ 2600 rpm

Blower System

Lobe-Type Air Blower, Direct Drive, 670 cfm @ 2200 RPM

Hose Inner Diameter


Hose Length


Maximum Flow

150 lbs per minute

Aggregate Hopper Capacity

2 cu ft

Emulsion Capacity

300 gal

Delivery Pressure

70 psi

More Pavement Maintenance

  • One-man pothole repair system
  • Durable, high-density repair
  • Allows immediate traffic
  • Multiple chassis options
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  • Fully self-contained system
  • 100 gallon emulsion capacity
  • 2.0 cubic yards of aggregate
  • Fully shrouded for all-weather operation
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  • 300 gallon emulsion capacity
  • Aggregate hopper fed by dump truck
  • Fully shrouded for all-weather operation
  • On-board air compressor
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