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Meyer Elite 8/10

Meyer Elite 8/10 series spreaders are available in either 3.5 cubic yard or 4.5 cubic yard capacities and 8'’ or 10' lengths. Maintenance-free stainless steel construction assures years of trouble free operation. Choose from powder Briggs & Stratton or Honda engine power, dual motor electric, or central hydraulic drive systems. Engine driven models include wireless controls, making it easy to move between different trucks.

Sectional top screens prevent larger chunks and debris from entering the hopper. A patented tapered inverted "V" reduces the load on the conveyor, prevent tunneling, and moves the center of gravity to the center of the truck's chassis making it more stable on slippery roads. Drag chain and belt-over-chain conveyance are available.

Fork pockets make installing and removing a snap. The durable polyurethane spinner disc is long lived and produces an improved and adjustable spread pattern of up to 30'.

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