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Johnston VT651

There are more than 12,000 Johnston VT series full vacuum street sweepers in service throughout the world, and they are renowned for their consistent and reliable performance.

The VT-651’s large, 8.5 cubic yard hopper is made entirely of stainless steel, as is its 415 gallon water tank, assuring years of trouble free use. Its exclusive turbine drive system employs a fluid coupler with a step-up gear box, totally eliminating troublesome belts and greatly reducing fuel consumption. So reliable are these systems that VT-651's carry a lifetime warranty on the hopper and water tank, and a five (5) year warranty on the turbine drive.

The Johnston VT-651’s auxiliary engine is completely enclosed in a sound insulated compartment, making this the quietest vacuum sweeper on the market. The VT-651 has also been designated by the South Coast Air Quality Management District as meeting Rule 1186, PM10 certification for its ability to pick up and contain small-micron material.

Equipped with a single gutter broom, the VT-651 sweeps a path 96" wide, while dual gutter brooms provide a 144" cleaning path. An optional hydrauoically operated catch basin cleaner increases its utility and is roof mounted to allow 270 degree rotation. This useful tool accelerates your return on investment.

Consider too, the 8 gallon per minute @ 1500 PSI pressure washer with front spray bar. It includes a pressure wand that can assist with catch basin cleaning, cleaning the sweeper after use, sidewalk cleaning and many other cleaning tasks. Able to clean caked mud from roadways, the front spray bar can handle many jobs that would otherwise require a flusher truck.

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