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ZerO3 Chemical Free Cleaning Technology

The O3+ System significantly outperforms traditional cleaning systems. It reduces the cost to clean, minimizes environmental impact, improves facility appearance, and is easy to operate and maintain. Two separate systems (the ZerO3 Aqueous Ozone system and Suds Onboard Chemical Dispensing system) provide effective solutions to meet your cleaning needs. These two systems can be integrated in one onboard system, and can be controlled with the flip of a switch.

The ZerO3 Aqueous Ozone (AO) system converts water into a detergent-free solution that cleans effectively, saves money, removes odors, reduces customer and employee complaints, and creates a healthier work environment compared to daily floor cleaning chemicals.

ZerO3 AO is operator and facility safe with a triple 0 on the safety diamond. The ZerO3 AO system outperforms traditional chemical systems.

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