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PowerBoss Armadillo 9X

Powered by a gas, LPG or Diesel liquid cooled industrial engine, the PowerBoss Armadillo 9XR sweeper is one tough machine. All steel construction and oversize tires give it the strength to survive in the harshest industrial applications. Brick factories, steel mills, 24 hour a day distribution centers – these and more have found the Armadillo 9XR to be up to the task.

The Armadillo 9XR has a 22 cubic foot multi-level high dump hopper and a 62” sweeping path with the standard right side broom or 77" with the optional dual side brooms as shown in the photo above. PowerBoss’ unique Rotary Trash Relocator™ (RTR) system keeps the Armadillo 9XR on the job sweeping when others are traveling to the dump site.
A hopper access door allows for the manual loading of usweepable debris such as metal banding or long boards. PowerSwing™ engine access actually rotates the engine out of the machine for maintenance.
Many options are available to equip the PowerBoss Armadillo 9XR to your particular need. Choose a cab, air conditioning, heat, warning lights, overhead guard or any of the many other offerings to make the 9XR just right for your job.

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