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Powerboss Armadillo 9X MDC

Powered by gas, LPG or Diesel the Armadillo 9X MDC sweeper is one tough machine. Equipped with a 5 stage dust control system to protect from respirable crystalline silica dust, the Armadillo 9X MDC has the strength to survive in the harshest industrial applications.

The Armadillo 9X MDC has a 22 cubic foot multi-level high dump hopper and a 64" sweeping path with the standard right side broom or 77" with the optional dual side brooms. PowerBoss' unique Rotary Trash Relocator™ (RTR) system keeps the Armadillo 9X MDC on the job sweeping when others are traveling to the dump site. A hopper access door allows for the maual loading of unsweepable debris such as metal banding or long boards. PowerSwing™ engine access actually rotates the engine out of the machine for maintenance. Many options are available to equip the PowerBoss Armadillo 9X MDC to your particular need. Choose a cab, air conditioning, heat, warning lights, overhead guard or any of the many other offerings to make the 9X MDC just right for you.

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