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CleanStart™ Equipment Refurbishing Service

Restore Confidence in Your Equipment

An excellent option before enrolling your floor scrubber and/or floor sweeper in a PM Program, our CleanStart™ Service has been built to successfully refurbish your defunct or ineffective cleaning machine that may not have received its deserved TLC or regular maintenance. Upon approval of the estimate and completion of the CleanStart™, your machine is eligible to join our Planned Maintenance program to ensure its reliability and maximize its uptime for many more years to come. CleanStart™ is the solution your machines need to restore them to their absolute best condition possible. At a time and date of your choosing, we’ll pick up your machine and bring it to our full service center. Our technicians will raise it up on one of our hydraulic lifts and inspect every corner of your machine. If they find anything that needs service, they’ll make sure to get it fixed. If there are any non-maintenance items that we think need a touch-up, we’ll provide you with a written estimate before we get our hands dirty. All warranty-related items will automatically be covered and addressed, and before leaving our shop, your machine will be thoroughly cleaned and returned to you ready to clean at peak performance!

Generally, CleanStart™ is most practical to be applied to machines that are over three years old or have perhaps lacked regular maintenance. Once a CleanStart™ estimate is approved, we will make every effort to have your machine back to you and cleaning within 7 business days from the time the estimate is approved. We strive to bring back the highest level of quality and functionality of your machine but you do have the option to veto of the some cosmetic, non-mission-critical items we may propose — think things like paint, dent removal, and manufacturer decals.

Floor Scrubber Sweeper Restoration
Floor Scrubber Sweeper Restoration
Floor Scrubber Sweeper Restoration
Floor Scrubber Sweeper Restoration
Floor Scrubber Sweeper Restoration
Floor Scrubber Sweeper Restoration
Floor Scrubber Sweeper Restoration
Floor Scrubber Sweeper Restoration

CleanStart™ provides you with a clear value and effective service to provide the most efficient evaluation, estimate, and subsequent repairs to specialized cleaning equipment that may have been out of service for some time, not properly or routinely maintained, or a complex repair that needs to be performed in our shop. The CleanStart™ service is an excellent first step to getting your machine on a routine PM program as there’s very little value in enrolling a machine that is in a state of disrepair in a Planned Maintenance program. The intent is to save you money by eliminating the nearly inevitable (and costly) multitude of trips associated with attempting to repair machines in this condition in the field.

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Key Benefits of CleanStart™ Service

Our CleanStart™ service comes with a few key benefits, by its very nature. When you decide to refurbish or restore cleaning equipment, you not only give your machine(s) a second lease on life while reducing additional capital investment, you obtain some great side benefits in addition to that — some more obvious than others.

  • Reduce Operating Expenses— Inefficiently run or inoperable machine tie up valuable capital that could be used elsewhere.
  • No New Operator Training— No need for a purchase of a new machine that would likely operate different than what your team is used to.
  • Reduce Risk of Breakdown or Downtime— Cleaning equipment without regular maintenance always runs the risk of catastrophic failure.
  • Increase Cleaning Efficiency— A poorly maintained machine is an inefficient machine. Refurbishing equipment promptly addresses this issue.
  • Improve Working Conditions for Employees— A properly running cleaning machine ensures you’re able to maintain a clean environment for your team.
  • Make Equipment Last Longer— Refurbishing your machine can ensure smooth operation and increases its lifespan considerably.
  • New Upgrades— A while-you’re-at-it kind of mentality, take advantage of the refurbishing and upgrade your machine with new, improved features you’ve been eyeing!
  • Increase Resale Value— There is always the possibility of selling your equipment down the line. Working equipment in peak condition is simply more valuable.
  • Planned-Maintenance-Ready— Once refurbished, your machine is ready to have a PM plan assigned to it to ensure it continues to perform for you and your team.

Local Equipment Maintenance, & Repairs

Whether you’re looking to refurbish your equipment or need some regular maintenance to be knocked out, we’re here to help. With field technicians ready to take care of your equipment service needs on-site and a full-service maintenance center at your disposal, we’re ready to be your flexible and reliable service support partner that you can trust.