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All Kinds of Equipment to Efficiently Clean and Maintain Your Campus

From the time that prospective students and their families take their first tour of the campus to the class reunions, a clean campus is the best statement that you can make to visitors. Making sure that pathways are clear, parking lots and roads are free of debris, and leaves are cleaned out of grassy areas will be sure to make your campus more beautiful. Sometimes larger campuses also have a shuttle service with people-moving vehicles so they can carry people to and from classes. However, landscaping isn’t the only thing that needs constant attention. It is just as important to keep the inside of academic buildings clean. Pristine floors and surfaces can help stop the spread of bacteria and germs that people from around the world are bringing to school. As a result, it is more important than ever to make sure all surfaces are clean to keep facilities operating at full efficiency.

We offer several machines that make cleaning up leaves and other debris from roads, parking lots, campus paths, and quads a breeze. Some of the best machines for this task are Schwarze’s SuperVac Updraft and Super Updraft Sweepers. Both machines are mounted on pickup chassis and are perfectly sized for congested parking lots and narrow campus streets. These sweepers also are sized to dump their hoppers into traditional 4 or 6 cubit yard dumpsters, making it that much faster to get back to sweeping once the hopper is full. For Large leaf and debris buildups are easily handled by Xtreme Vac’s DCL800TM Series trailer-mounted collection units. These units are great as a standalone system and are built for the toughest jobs.

Another facet that needs to be investigated on some of the especially large campuses like NC State and both of UNC’s campuses is how to get students and faculty across the property quickly. Fortunately, the utility vehicles from Cushman can fit anywhere from 4 to 8 people per ride. There are also models that can sit 4 or 6 people that have a cargo bed to hold final projects as students get brought across campus to their presentations.

We also have a wide selection of machines that are perfect for cleaning academic buildings. As always, we recommend sweeping before scrubbing floors because the last thing you want is to damage your scrubber’s squeegee. Factory Cat’s Model 34 sweeper is great for cleaning the corners of rooms and hallways, and scrubbers in Timberline’s M Series are perfect for cleaning long hallways in academic buildings, while still being able to squeeze through small doorways. No matter the specifics of your campus or university, we’re here to help develop a plan and happy to help you find the perfect solution for the job at hand. We will walk you through the process and make sure you get the right equipment for your specific situation. Let’s start the conversation!

College & University Equipment | Effectively Clean, Maintain, and Beautify

Schwarze SuperVac Super Updraft Sweeper

Schwarze SuperVac Updraft

Pickup-Mounted Sweeper

Perfect for narrow college paths and roads as well as congested parking lots, the Schwarze SuperVac Updraft Sweeper is an excellent choice for college & university campuses.

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Xtreme Vac DCL800TM Series

Xtreme Vac DCL800TM Series

Trailer-Mounted Leaf Pickup System

The Xtreme Vac DCL800TM Series Leaf Pickup Systems is a powerful vacuum that can deal with large amounts of leaves and debris with relative ease. This specific line is trailer-mounted.

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Cushman Shuttle 4 Electric

Cushman Shuttle 4 Electric

Electric Shuttle Vehicle

The Cushman Shuttle 4 Electric offers extra space for luggage, gear and more, so you can help faculty, students and prospectives to get them and all their stuff wherever it needs to go, quickly.

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PowerBoss Collector 34 Sweeper

PowerBoss Collector 34 Sweeper

Walk-Behind Sweeper

The PowerBoss Collector 34 is an industrial sweeper famous for its ability to sweep in the harshest applications. This floor sweeper is incredible and can sweep through thick dust with ease.

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Timberline M-Series Scrubbers

Timberline M-Series Scrubbers

Walk-Behind Battery Scrubber

The scrubbers in the M-Series offer additional productivity & capacity on a mid-sized walk behind scrubber. Easily pass through small doorways or elevators with this versatile & durable machine.

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Factory Cat GTX Floor Scrubber / Sweeper

Factory Cat GTX

Ride-On Battery Scrubber/Sweeper

The GTX is a compact ride-on floor scrubber that sits atop a welded steel frame to ensure the durability of the machine. It is equipped with simple controls that virtually anyone can operate with minimal training.

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Cushman Shuttle 2 Electric Golf Cart

Cushman Shuttle 2

Electric Golf Cart

The Cushman Shuttle 2 Electric is the perfect utility vehicle for college and university campuses where a large flatbed cargo area is needed for cargo and a stylish and attractive vehicle is desired.

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Cushman Shuttle 8 Electric Golf Cart

Cushman Shuttle 8

Electric Golf Cart

The Cushman Shuttle is great for moving groups of people around a campus or facility. With six forward-facing seats & a rear-facing bench seat, the Shuttle can comfortably transport up to eight people.

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Star EV Sport-48-2 Police Specialty Vehicle

Star EV Sport-48-2 Police

Specialty Vehicle

The Sport is an off-road enforcement vehicle ideal for patrolling rugged community trails and beaches. The Sport-48-2 Police is available with box attachment and custom lettering to be specific to your needs.

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