Factory Cat GTX Scrubber

Factory Cat GTX Scrubber

The Factory Cat GTX Cylindrical floor scrubber-sweeper is an extraordinarily maneuverable battery powered machine that will get in and out of tight places that even walk behind machines find difficult. Built to industrial standards, as are all Factory Cat machines, this scrubber/sweeper offers all the durability, reliability and low acquisition cost that make Factory Cat products such a good value. Available in Heavy Duty or Standard options.

Because cylindrical brushes scrub and sweep simultaneously, you do not have to pre sweep the floor in many cases, thereby reducing labor costs or the need for additional equipment. Disk and orbital scrub deck options are also available for an especially deep clean on floors that have been pre-swept.

An available on-board ZerO3® and SUDS™ system helps control detergent costs and eliminates messy drum handling and storage. Selecting manager control options allow you to “lock-in” brush down-pressure and solution flow rates, thereby further controlling operating cost.

Compact floor scrubbers are used everywhere there are medium and large spaces to clean. Many machines in the compact ride on scrubber market are light duty and majority plastic, lasting only 3 – 5 years. The GTX sit atop our signature welded steel frame assuring many years of service and durability. Equipped with simple controls virtually anyone can operate this machine with minimal training.

Technical Specifications


Cleaning Path

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Run Time

Up To 6.0 Hours Battery Life

Solution Tank Capacity

Recovery Tank Capacity

Productivity (Theoretical)

Up to 47,000 ft2/hr

Productivity (Practical)

Up to 21,661 ft2/hr

Size (L x W x H)

66" x 34" x 64"

Weight (w/o Batteries)

725 – 850 lbs


1,195 – 1,325 lbs

Brush Deck Options

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Working Speed


0.75 hp

Chemical Free Compatibility

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