O’Brien 3510-FC Hydro Jetter

O’Brien 3510-FC Hydro Jetter

For the toughest residential and commercial jobs on lines up to 10″ in diameter, the O’Brien 3510-FC Hydro Jetter carries 375 gallons of water in a rugged polyethylene tank with V-bottom sump clean out. Its 20 HP two-cylinder Honda engine, which includes electric start and a charging system, powers a 10 GPM @ 2,500 psi triplex pump.

The hose reel is electrically powered with an over-sized high-torque motor for rewind, has a positive forward/reverse pressure switch and variable speed control. It has a capacity of 420′ of 1/2″ hose, and comes equipped with 300′ of thermoplastic sewer hose with a 20′ leader of contrasting color. The hose is easy to clean and retains no bacteria causing residue. Also included are two nozzles: a penetrator and a flusher.

The single axle trailer rides on a 6,000 lb. DOT rated axle, has electric brakes and ST225x75R1516 tires. The frame is constructed of 3″ channel steel and a tool box is included.

A multitude of available options allow you to customize the O’Brien 3510-E Hydro Jetter to your exact requirements.

Technical Specifications


Power Source

Hose Reel Capacity

1,000 ft

Water Tank Capacity

Pressure Pump

2,500 psi @ 10 GPM, 4,000 psi @ 18 GPM


80 hp, 85 hp

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