O’Brien 7000-T Series Hydro Jetter

O’Brien 7000-T Series Hydro Jetter

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The O’Brien 7000-T Series Hydro Jetters include all of the 7000 Series trailer mounted models but on skids for truck mounting. They all carry 750 gallons of water in rugged polyethylene tanks with V-bottom sump clean out. 65 HP, 85 HP and 110 HP Cummins diesel engines drive triplex pumps with flow rates of from 18 GPM to 65 GPM and pressures of 2,000 psi to 4,000 psi. The engines have variable electronic throttle control and are protected by Murphy safety gauges with auto-shutdown.

A “Swinger” hose reel pivots through 190 degrees for easy access to the manhole regardless of how the truck is parked. It has a level wind guide, hose capacities consistent with each 7000 series trailer mounted model, and comes equipped with 400′ of high-impact thermoplastic sewer hose with a 20′ leader of contrasting color. The hose is easy to clean and retains no bacteria causing residue. Also included are two nozzles: a penetrator and a flusher. The reel is hydraulically driven, has variable speed control and comes with a tethered hand operated control.

A multitude of available options allow you to customize the O’Brien 7000-T Series Hydro Jetters to your exact requirements.

Technical Specifications


Power Source

Hose Reel Capacity

1,000 ft

Water Tank Capacity

Pressure Pump

2,000 psi @ 40 GPM, 3,000 @ 40 GPM, 3,000 psi @ 30 GPM, 4,000 psi @ 18 GPM


110 hp, 65 hp

More Hydro Jetters

  • 1,080 to 3,240 gallon water capacity
  • 80,000 BTU in-cabinet heater
  • Hydraulically powered by engine PTO
  • 100 GPM @ 3,000
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