Schwarze HyperVAC Sweeper

Schwarze HyperVAC Sweeper

The Schwarze HyperVac takes full vacuum street sweeping to a whole new level with its exclusive Surface Scrubbing Technology. Three disk type brooms replace the traditional belly broom to provide extraordinary surface cleaning while eliminating the expensive effect of broom coning and transfer broom carry-over. At a mere 10′ overall height, it operates below the tree canopy yet exceeds the capacities of all others in its class with a 134 HP auxiliary engine, an 8.4 cubic yard hopper, 39″ digger type gutter brooms, up to 600 gallon water capacity and 25% more spray nozzles.

The HyperVac’s hopper hydraulically tilt dumps requiring no raker bar. Replaceable fan housing liners greatly reduce maintenance expense. Popular options include the most powerful catch basin cleaning system in the industry, high pressure hopper deluge hopper cleaning system and an extra 350 gallon water tank.

Like all Schwarze sweepers, the HyperVac is built in an ASQ/ANSI/ISO 9001:2105 Standard quality system certified facility.

Check out this recommendation by an experienced Oil City street sweeper operator.

For many more details, features, and specs, please see the brochure attached below.

Technical Specifications


Sweeping Path

Suction Nozzle Only: 28", With Transfer Brooms & Suction Nozzle: 108", With Dual Suction Nozzles, Dual Side Brooms & Transfer Brooms: 138"

Hopper Capacity

7 cu yds (usable), 8.4 cu yds (volumetric)


John Deere 4045T In-Line 4 Cylinder

Power Source

More Vacuum Street Sweepers

  • Exclusive surface scrub technology
  • 8.4 cubic yard hopper
  • Low "under the trees" profile
  • Up to 11.5' sweeping path
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