Introducing O3+ System – Clean Your Way

Available on certain Factory Cat floor scrubbers, the O3 System reduces the cost to clean, minimizes environmental impact, improves facility appearance, and is easy to operate and maintain. Two separate systems (the ZerO3 Aqueous Ozone system and SUDs Onboard Chemical Dispensing system) provide effective solutions to meet your cleaning needs. These two systems can be integrated in one onboard system, and can be controlled with the flip of a switch.

The ZerO3 Aqueous Ozone (AO) system converts water into a detergent-free solution that cleans effectively, saves money, removes odors, reduces customer and employee complaints, and creates a healthier work environment compared to daily floor cleaning chemicals.

ZerO3 AO is operator and facility safe with a triple 0 on the safety diamond. The ZerO3 AO system outperforms traditional chemical systems.

With tougher cleans, SUDs onboard system can also dispense your own super-condensed chemicals with the flip of a switch.

The SUDs Onboard system uses nonproprietary, super-condensed chemicals. Simply open the machine’s SUDs reservoir and pour in your chemicals. There’s no need to measure – the reservoir holds .75 – 1 gallon of chemical. Turn the system ON for immediate use for tough spoils, with options for single and double dose. This level of control reduces slip and fall potential from residue build up.

Applications: food spills and food production facilities, government agencies, health care facilities, industrial and manufacturing, automotive and auto dealerships, aerospace and airports.

Because raw chemicals are shipped to distributors who then deliver to your facility, the SUDs System cuts out the middleman and keeps shipping costs low while delivering the power your need with on-site dilution.

The O3+ System provides the following benefits:

  • Reduces the cost to clean: Save by replacing general all-purpose cleaners.
  • Minimize environmental impact: Reduce your carbon footprint. Utilizes super-concentrated chemicals, saving empty drums from ending up in landfills. ZerO3 AO is created onsite and on demand, free from landfill potential waste.
  • Improve facility appearance: Too much soap can result in residue buildup. Soap residue attracts dirt and creates darker looking floors over time. This product can brighten floors by removing built-up residue.
  • Easy operation and maintenance: Simple switches turn systems on and off. LEDs and LCD indicators alert operators when systems are in use.

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