Schwarze SuperVac Updraft Sweeper

Schwarze SuperVac Updraft Sweeper

The Schwarze SuperVac Updraft is a half ton pickup mounted sweeper perfectly sized for municipal parking decks, congested surface lots and narrow city or campus streets. It’s 2.0 cubic yard hopper is constructed of welded stainless steel and dumps at 67″, easily emptying into standard 4 and 6 cubic yard dumpsters and nearly all roll offs.

Powered by a 30 HP Kohler water cooled auxiliary engine with three-year warranty, its Whisper Wheel turbine fan and 81″ pickup head delivers fast, quiet and complete surface cleaning. A left hand 36″ free floating side broom effectively cleans gutters and extends its sweep path to 97″.

Popular options include a dust suppression water system, polyethylene tool box, rear trash bag rack, cab mounted strobe light, flood light and air compressor.

All Schwarze products are American made in an ASQ/ANSI/ISO 9001:2105 Standard quality system certified facility in Huntsville, Alabama.

Technical Specifications


Cleaning Path

Cleaning Path w/ Gutter Broom


Turning Radius

Hopper Capacity

2 cu yds

High-Dump Clearance

Water Tank Capacity

Power Source


6,200 lbs.

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