Schwarze A7 Tornado Street Sweeper

Schwarze A7 Tornado Street Sweeper

The Schwarze A7 Tornado is the workhorse of municipal street sweeping. At a mere 10′ overall height, it operates below the tree canopy yet exceeds the capacities of all others in its class with a 134 HP auxiliary engine, an 8.4 cubic yard hopper, 56 degree dump angle, 44″ gutter brooms, up to 600 gallon water capacity and 25% more spray nozzles.

Schwarze A7 Tornado Sweeper Single Engine Regenerative Air North Carolina CIE

Its Whisper Wheel 10-blade closed radial fan technology out performs all others while operating at up to 70% lower noise levels than the rest of the class. The A7 sweeps in forward or reverse without optional axle chains, hydraulically tilt dumps with no raker bar and provides 40% more screen area than its nearest competitor.

Popular options include a lifetime warrantied stainless steel hopper, extra 350 gallon water tank, increased gutter broom usability via Gutter Broom Extension Override (GEO) and an 8′ auxiliary hand hose for cleaning tight areas.

The A7 Tornado comes in a standard Twin Engine version as well as a Single Engine (SE) version. Of course, both can be customized with the options needed for your use.

Patent Pending Single Engine (SE) Configuration
The Schwarze A7 Tornado SE has no performance compromise from its twin engine version and can perform most typical sweeping at a low single engine speeds allowing for low noise and operational costs. When full power is needed for heavy jobs like construction and spring cleanup the A7 Tornado SE comes through with the same amount of sweep power available on the twin engine A7 Tornado. Designed to operate exactly like the twin engine model, little if any additional operator and technician training is required.

See the attached brochures for more details and specs. Got 50 minutes? Here’s an in-depth feature walkaround of the A7 Tornado.

Like all Schwarze sweepers, the A7 Tornado is built in an ASQ/ANSI/ISO 9001:2105 Standard quality system certified facility.

Technical Specifications


Sweeping Path

Pickup Head Only: 90", Pickup Head and 1 Broom: 117", Pickup Head and 2 Brooms: 144"

Hopper Capacity

7 cu yds (usable), 8.4 cu yds (volumetric)

High-Dump Clearance

Water Tank Capacity

, ,


Single Engine: Freightliner M2 106, Twin Engine: Various options


Twin Engine: John Deere 4045T In-Line 4 Cylinder, Single Engine: Cummins ISB 6.7 In-Line 6 Cylinder

Power Source

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