Westward GO-4 XTR Refuse Hauler

Westward GO-4 XTR Refuse Hauler

The GO-4 XTR Hydraulic Refuse Hauler is reinforced, enhanced, and equipped with a more robust suspension system of the widely popular GO-4 model.

The GO-4 XTR is available in a gas model utilizing a 66 hp, liquid cooled, 3-cylinder, overhead cam, 4-cycle, electronically fuel injected motor with 4-speed automatic transmission. It gets a sweet 45 mpg too.

The vehicle is street legal in all states. It has a 1,000 lb. payload and 1.75 cu yard capacity. This is one of the most nimble refuse hauler on the market and is the ideal vehicle for refuse collections including: campus setting corporate environments, neighbourhood collection, universities (fitting thru pylons), parks/beach, compact urban settings, memorial gardens/cemeteries, zoos, shopping malls, etc. This vehicle is the perfect size with remarkable maneuverability, payload, safety and performance.

The GO-4 XTR is manufactured with automotive grade components which offer a typical vehicle lifespan of eight or more years, with many fleets experiencing longevity far exceeding that.

Technical Specifications



Power Source

Bin Capacity

1.75 cu yds

Vehicle Load Capacity

1,000 lbs.

Top Speed

Turning Radius

Size (L x W x H)

147" x 57" x 72"

More Special Purpose & Custom Vehicles

  • 650 lb. carrying capacity
  • 4 x 5ft aluminum deck
  • Extended GO-4 chassis
  • Large entry doorways
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  • 1.75 cu.yd. poly bin hydraulic hopper
  • 800 lb. lift capacity
  • 66 hp fuel-injected engine & automatic transmission
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