Westward GO-4 XTF Utility Vehicle

Westward GO-4 XTF Utility Vehicle

The GO-4 XTF is available in a gas or electric model. The gas model utilizes a 66 horsepower, liquid cooled, 3-cylinder, overhead cam 4-cycle, electronically fuel injected 4-speed automatic propulsion system. The electric models come with either 8 kW or 15 kW battery packs and 48v or 72v drivetrain

The XTF boasts a nimble 11 ft turning radius. It is ideal for hauling on campuses, throughout neighborhoods, as well as in parks/beaches, compact urban settings, memorial gardens, cemeteries, zoos, shopping malls and more. The XTF vehicle is the ideal size to offer maneuverability, payload, safety and performance.

Technical Specifications


Power Source


Top Speed

, ,

Deck Size

4 x 5 ft

Bed Load Capacity

650 lbs.

More Special Purpose & Custom Vehicles

  • 650 lb. carrying capacity
  • 4 x 5ft aluminum deck
  • Extended GO-4 chassis
  • Large entry doorways
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  • 1.75 cu.yd. poly bin hydraulic hopper
  • 800 lb. lift capacity
  • 66 hp fuel-injected engine & automatic transmission
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