Westward GO-4 EV Patrol Vehicle

Westward GO-4 EV Patrol Vehicle

The GO-4 EV a purpose-built, licensable, on-road vehicle designed to maximize efficiency in urban security and parking patrol. Its automotive styling, extremely comfortable cab and left or right side access via large sliding doors make it a pleasure to operate and easy to enter and exit hundreds of times per day.

Safety is ensured by a full roll cage frame which protects the operator in the event of side, front or rear impact collisions. A lateral thrust alarm sounds if cornering at too high a rate of speed or if operating on too great of a slope. Automotive style shoulder harness seat belts are provided, as are high mounted and highly visible rear brake lights, running lights and turn signals.

The GO-4 EV’s 96 volt motor and 96 volt lithium ion battery pack combine with an exceptionally tight turning radius to make it an environmentally friendly choice for patrolling congested urban streets or college campuses.

Many factory installed options are available. Air conditioning and sliding rear windows are popular choices.

Technical Specifications


Power Source


Turning Radius

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