Cushman Titan HD

Cushman Titan HD

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The Cushman Titan HD is a heavy-duty burden carrier designed for multiple tasks in an industrial environment. With a towing capacity of 4,600 lbs. and vehicle load capacity of 2,500 lbs., it can carry heavy motors or dies, full parts bins or heavily laden tool boxes. Because the batteries are accessed by swing out racks rather than from the top, it is well suited to carry permanently mounted maintenance equipment such as lubrication skids, welders or cranes.

A 36 volt system with electronic speed controller provides ample power for full multiple shift operation and its heavy-duty C-beam frame construction withstands the rigors of heavy use.

The electronic battery charge is built in for convenience. Safety features include a safety seat switch, horn, stoplight, taillight, power light, reverse warning alarm, thermal breaker protection and static-return-to-off directional switch.

The Cushman Titan is Underwriters Laboratories approved and meets all applicable OSHA, ANSI and UL safety requirements. EE rated models are available.

Technical Specifications


Vehicle Load Capacity

2,500 lbs.

Cargo Deck Load Capacity

2,200 lbs.

Towing Capacity


Standard Battery

Six, 6V Deep Cycle

Top Speed

Ground Clearance


Size (L x W x H)

114" x 44.5" x 47"

Weight (w/o Batteries)

1,040 lbs.


1,410 lbs.

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