Factory Cat Mini-HD Scrubber

Factory Cat Mini-HD Scrubber

The Factory Cat Mini-HD battery powered floor scrubber is a great solution for small garages or congested manufacturing areas in larger plants. It is small enough to get between machinery or assembly benches and easily travels through standard size doorways. Select from 25″ through 29″ scrub widths and disk, cylindrical, or orbital scrub decks.

Use the Factory Cat Mini-HD in lunch rooms and hallways as well. The Mini-HD uses traction drive to propel easily with a minimum of effort from the operator. Tilt back tanks allow for easy cleaning and draining. Scrubs and sweeps simultaneously to eliminate the need for dust mopping.

Versatility best describes the Mini-HD battery powered floor scrubber. Large enough to be highly productive yet small enough to maneuver easily thought doorways and in confined areas. Add the ZerO3 On-Demand Aqueous Ozone chemical free cleaning system and clean better, chemical free leaving your facility shining and smelling fresh.

Technical Specifications


Cleaning Path

, , ,

Run Time

Up To 3.5 Hours Battery Life

Solution Tank Capacity

Recovery Tank Capacity

Productivity (Theoretical)

27,027 sqft/hr

Productivity (Practical)

12,526 sqft/hr

Size (L x W x H)

52" x 37" x 40"

Weight (w/o Batteries)

393 – 443 lbs

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