Meyer Super-V3 Plows

Meyer Super-V3 Plows

This contractor-grade V-Plow is made for 3/4 ton or larger trucks. Its independently controlled wings allow you to choose from a V, scoop, or straight blade configuration with the push of a button.

Double acting cylinders are standard. Set the angle you want and the blade position will lock whether you’re plowing forward or backward.

Built to last with slot and tab construction, continuously welded ribs, and carbon steel material – guaranteed by a 5-year manufacturer warranty.

Easily attach or detach in minutes with a two-plug connection and standard operating system allowing you to swap in other Meyer snow plows with ease.

Super-V3 plows come in a range of sizes: 8’6″, 9’6″, 10’6″, and have options for stainless steel and LED lights.

Technical Specifications

Blade Type

Moldboard Length

, ,

Moldboard Height

, ,

Moldboard Gauge

Vertical Ribs

Plow Trip Springs

2 per wing

Cutting Edge

Avg Width at Full Angle

109", 88", 99"

Angling Rams

1.5" x 12"

More Snow Plows - Contractor & Personal Use

  • .Fits light pickups or 4x4 SUVs
  • For personal use or by contractors in tight spaces
  • 14 gauge powder coated full trip steel moldboard
  • Easy on / Easy off
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  • Best choice for 1/2 ton pickups
  • 7.5' wide, 28" tall steel of Poly moldboard
  • Heavy walled tubular steel A-frame and push bar
  • Six vertical ribs
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  • Tallest and most aggressive contractor plow available for ¾ ton and larger trucks
  • 7.5' to 9.0' widths
  • Heavy walled tubular steel A-frame and push bar
  • Full-tip steel moldboard
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