Peregrine Roto-Hi-Dump Trailer

Peregrine Roto-Hi-Dump Trailer

The Quad-Steer Roto-Hi-Dump™ is the variable-position dump trailer that can dump its cargo to the rear or to either side for maximum operating versatility. It’s perfect for dumping into packer trucks, roll-off boxes or conveyor lines. The 1.75- or 2-cubic yard poly dump box is virtually indestructible and can handle loads up to 1,000 pounds with ease. And the TRACKER™ positive-tracking base permits tight turns in cramped quarters, making the Roto-Hi-Dump ideal for moving high-volume parts, supplies or refuse in-plant.

The Roto-Hi-Dump is at work in many industrial and large plant operations hauling refuse, transporting supplies or delivering components. Its easy use means increased operator safety and efficiency, and the maneuverability of the Roto-Hi-Dump is essential when dealing with an existing plant layout. And unlike high-cost, dedicated refuse hauler vehicles, the fully self-contained Roto-Hi-Dump trailers free up your tow/tug vehicles for additional tasks.

Thorough-bred horse operations, dairy confinement operations and zoos use the Roto-Hi-Dump to deliver dry feed and bedding material, as well as to haul the ever-present animal waste.
Hospitals use the Roto-Hi-Dump to transfer laundry.
Government agencies use the Roto-Hi-Dump to transport material, as well as for refuse handling.
Amusement parks, sports complexes and shopping malls also use the Roto-Hi-Dump for their refuse-hauling needs.

The rotating and lift mechanism is a proven design providing years of trouble-free service. The on-board electrical system is totally self-contained, adding to the versatility.

Dual release handles make rotating simple. Automatic stop points at 90-degree increments position the dump box for side or rear dumping.

Technical Specifications


High-Dump Clearance

Hopper Capacity

1.75 cu yds, 2.0 cu yds

Stationary Length

89" (tongue upright)

Tow Length

103" (tongue eye to hitch)

Size (L x W x H)

89" x 57" x 58", 89" x 67" x 58"

Max Train Length

3 Units

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