PowerBoss Apex 47 Sweeper

PowerBoss Apex 47 Sweeper

The PowerBoss Apex 47 powered sweeper is great for medium size facilities with light to moderate debris conditions. Available in either manual dump or multi-level high dump versions, the Apex 47 delivers a clean floor with total dust control. Optional dual side brooms extend the sweep path to 47″ with left and right hand edge cleaning ability.

The central open operator compartment gives the driver a clear view of the floor in all directions and the front wheel steering allows him or her to maneuver in especially tight quarters. The 30.1 square foot panel dust filter is cleaned automatically by an electric shaker. A vacuum shut-off device allows for sweeping in wet conditions.

The Apex 47 Rider Sweeper is designed for heavy-duty industrial use. It is constructed on a steel frame and the panels, made of synthetic material, are virtually indestructible. With a 90-90 turning radius, the Apex 47 is extremely maneuverable as a result of the directly steered front wheel drive. It is easy to operate even in the narrowest of aisles. The Apex 47 provides perfect sweeping results due to the large, newly developed main broom with compensation for wear and tear. This rider sweeper is battery operated, a with a choice of hydraulic high- dump or manual low-dump hopper. The engine and battery compartments are clearly laid out and directly accessible for maintenance and servicing purposes. The seat console simply tilts backward to reveal these compartments. The seat is also equipped with a safety shut-off switch, if the operator gets up from the seat, the machine will shut down.

Technical Specifications


Cleaning Path

Cleaning Path w/ Side Brooms


Working Speed

Turning Radius

Sweep Method

Hopper Capacity

2.1 cu ft

High-Dump Clearance

Climbing Ability

9 Degrees

Productivity (Theoretical)

77,500 sqft/hr

Power Source

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