Vantage LiV9DP Electric Window Van

Vantage LiV9DP Electric Window Van

An electric window van for taking everyone across the campus or facility, or hauling the mail; you name it, they can do it for pennies a day in electricity.

All Vantage electric vehicles also have an on board diagnostic display built into the state of the art LCD instrument panel letting you see system details as you drive. The Lithium Ion Batteries provide power for over 2000 life cycles. Plus, maintenance is a breeze – just plug it in!

Technical Specifications


Top Speed



30+ (With Standard 100 Ah Battery), 50+ (With 180 Ah Battery Option)

Standard Battery

100 Ah Lithium, 180 Ah Lithium (Option)


Brushless 3 Phase Induction AC Motor, 72 V, 35 hp

Turning Radius

Size (L x W x H)

150.4" x 62.8" x 74"


2,094 lbs.

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