Why is the GO-4 Ahead of the Game in the Parking Industry? Just ask Chattanooga

The iconic model is a reliable choice for government fleets. Built with a job in mind and available both in fuel and electric options, it offers superior performance when compared to others.

March 18th, 2021 – Winnipeg, Canada – In the market since 1990, the GO-4 is according to governmentfleet.com in the Top 5 must-have vehicles list for law enforcement agents. It is a part of the American culture and can be spotted in the Tv series American Dad and a Disney Studios Movie Timmy Failure. The vehicle has even managed to gather a few fan clubs throughout North America. But the real reasons the GO-4 is the vehicle of choice for many municipalities are far from its distinctive look.

American Dad

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Established Quality proven in Chattanooga, TN

The city of Chattanooga is delighted with the GO-4 quality two years after their purchase: “Our fleet has several green vehicles, and the Westward Industries’ model stands out when it comes to battery life and overall quality built. After two years running the vehicle 5 or 6 days a week and hitting the 10,000-mile milestone, it is still a reliable unit night and day. During the whole process, the dealership was very accommodating and provided guidance and quality customer service whenever needed.

Mark Ahlstrom, President and CEO of Carolina Industrial Equipment in Charlotte, NC says “Westward Industries’ GO-4 vehicles have evolved to be among the most well engineered, reliable, and productive products that we offer.Our GO-4 customers throughout the region love them and we enjoy the very high level of product support we get from Westward Industries.”

Built for the Job

The first GO-4 ever built was for New York City back in 1990. Since then, it has evolved with countless improvements according to users’ feedback, which resulted in the enhanced 2021 model.

Chris Franz, the manufacturer of the GO-4, states, “Staying relevant in the ever-changing city environment is quite a task. That is why Westward Industries has been actively listening to municipalities for the past 31 years and responding with innovative and practical solutions.”

The highlights include:

  • Safe navigation. The dual side entry/exit doors can be hinged or sliding, ideal for chalking and always putting the operator closer to the sidewalk. It also operates with doors open. Compared to a standard SUV, these options make the navigation much quicker and safer for operators and minor interruptions in traffic lanes.
  • Small automotive footprint. This street-legal vehicle is built over a 2.5-inch steel rollbar. Its purposely slim body size allows officers to safely maneuver and flow through traffic in congested areas and contribute to the solution. Larger vehicles often get stuck in crowded areas.
  • ALPR Factory Direct– The ALPR industry (Automated License Plate Recognition) is abuzz right now bringing forward needed technology in the parking industry.Westward has formed strong partnerships with leading ALPR vendors to allow for factory installation while the vehicle is being produced, allowing for time and money savings, and customer convenience as the vehicle arrives ready for work.

No Fuel Fuss

The recent tax breaks, federal mandates to reduce emissions, and the need to balance budgets push more government fleet directors to lead by example and become early-adopters of green vehicles. The electric version of the GO-4 is available since 2014 and has been adopted by cities like Santa Monica and Milwaukee. The most highlighted lifetime benefits are reduced fuel & maintenance costs and improved fleet efficiency. Range anxiety is rarely a concern as the GO-4 is a dependable unit offering ranges of up to 100-miles per charge.

Westward Industries’ vehicle has a proven lifespan of up to 20 years for repetitive, frequent stop-and-go operation. The GO-4 can withstand the high usage wear and tear impact that would typically limit a regular fleet’s lifecycle. Maintenance needs are minimal on the GO-4, and when there is a need for repair, the USA-wide network of dealers – besides handling the sales process, demonstration units, and test-drives – are trained to respond quickly and effectively.

About the GO-4

Designed specifically for parking management & enforcement with center operator seating and easy curb access from both sides. Safely navigate congested areas. Built strong with a 2.5-inch steel rollbar. The GO-4 has been developed with two efficient drivetrains, a 100% electric platform with up to 100-mile range, or a 1.0L gasoline 3-cylinder automotive engine. Comfort upgrades available like the top-rated Knoedler premium air ride seat, air conditioning, Bluetooth radio, full-length rear-view mirrors, backup sensors, nerf bars, safety glass film, and more. Turn-key factory direct LPR (License Plate Reader) models also available. Westward partners with leading LPR vendors offering today’s latest technologies. Currently serving industries like police & parking departments, university campuses, security patrol, water meter reading, airports, and more.

About Westward Industries

Built tough in North America. Westward Industries is a manufacture of long-lasting, task-specific utility vehicles. The well-known GO-4 series is the premier compact parking management vehicle used by fleets across the country. License plate recognition is now offered factory direct. Westward Industries’ GO-4 is one step closer to Government, Education and Non-Profit entities through a facilitated bidding process with Sourcewell. The complete portfolio includes the GO-4 Parking Vehicle SD, GO-4 XTF Flat Deck HD, GO-4 XTR Refuse Hauler, MAX-EV 4-wheel LSV and the NEW MAX-EV 3 – 3-wheel transporter.

Contact Westward Industries: Chris Franz – chris@westwardindustries.com

About CIE

Carolina Industrial Equipment, Inc. traces its origins to 1961 as Goin Equipment Company selling industrial and commercial specialty vehicles and sweepers. The company became Carolina Industrial Equipment, Inc. under new ownership in 1977.CIE prospered and grew over the following 23 years and again changed ownership in 2000, thereafter adding municipal maintenance equipment to our product offerings.

In 2007 the firm moved to its present location in a modern 30,000 square foot facility adjacent to the Charlotte Douglas International Airport. Our sales territories have grown to include all of North Carolina, South Carolina, and portions of Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia. We are proud to represent the top brand names in every product category that we serve.

Now in our 61st year, many of our employees have been with us for over 15, 20, and even 40 years, contributing to the stability of the company and a powerful knowledge base in service to our customers.

Contact: CIE – info@ciequipment.com or 800.476.2434