CIE 475 Anti-Ice Sprayer

CIE 475 Anti-Ice Sprayer

The CIE 475 Anti-ice sprayer slips easily into the back of standard pickup trucks. It’s mounted on a powder coated steel storage frame with rotating front legs and telescoping rear legs.

The CIE 475 is ideal for intersection work, narrow streets and parking deck ramps. 475 gallons of brine are dispensed through seven spray nozzles on a stainless steel boom. 150′ of high pressure hose with a 17″ adjustable pattern spray gun allow access to sidewalks and steps.

A Raven SCS203 rate control system is included along with a digital in-line meter that tells you exactly how much material you have used.

Technical Specifications


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  • 200, 300 and 500 gallon skid mounted spray packages with 5.5 hp Honda engine
  • Spray bar plus 300' x ½" high pressure hose
  • 80 GPM @ 40 PSI; 30 GPM @ 70 PSI
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  • High capacity, economical and ready to assemble 1,700 gallon kit
  • 3 hp self-priming brine pump
  • Automatic control panel
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