Meyer Diamond Edge Plow

Meyer Diamond Edge Plow

The Meyer Diamond Edge is a trip-edge design plow. When an obstruction is encountered, only the cutting edge trips while the moldboard stays upright allowing you to continue plowing without losing the load. It is designed for 3/4 ton and larger trucks and comes in 7.5′ to 9.0′ widths. A 70 degree attack angle and 32″ height produces better overall cleaning performance in less time. The attack angle also allows for better back dragging.

The Meyer Diamond Edge comes with easy to reach grease fittings in key locations, such as on the heavy-duty king bolt. The larger and wider pivot bar is made of heavy-walled tubular steel for added strength and rigidity at key pressure zones.

The modular EZ-Mount Plus mounting system conveniently attaches or detaches from the truck in less than a minute and leaves the truck with a clean appearance when not attached.

Technical Specifications


Blade Type

Moldboard Length

, , ,

Moldboard Height

Moldboard Gauge

Vertical Ribs

Plow Trip Springs


Cutting Edge

Avg Width at Full Angle

82", 87", 92", 98"

Angling Rams

1.5" x 10"


870 lbs., 890 lbs., 920 lbs., 940 lbs.

More Snow Plows - Contractor & Personal Use

  • .Fits light pickups or 4x4 SUVs
  • For personal use or by contractors in tight spaces
  • 14 gauge powder coated full trip steel moldboard
  • Easy on / Easy off
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  • Best choice for 1/2 ton pickups
  • 7.5' wide, 28" tall steel of Poly moldboard
  • Heavy walled tubular steel A-frame and push bar
  • Six vertical ribs
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  • Tallest and most aggressive contractor plow available for ¾ ton and larger trucks
  • 7.5' to 9.0' widths
  • Heavy walled tubular steel A-frame and push bar
  • Full-tip steel moldboard
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