Schwarze SuperVac Aero Trailer Sweeper

Schwarze SuperVac Aero Trailer Sweeper

The Schwarze SuperVac Aero is an economical regenerative air sweeper designed to slide into a 1/2 ton pickup bed or be trailer mounted. It sweeps a 78″ path and operates in both forward and reverse. The pickup head rides on two tungsten carbide skids. A large, 2.0 cubic yard polyethylene hopper reduces dumping time. A rear view camera with dash mounted monitor is standard equipment.

The Aero is powered by a 22 HP air cooled gasoline engine. Its 20″ radial blade fan constructed of abrasion resistant steel and is belt driven. The slide-in version is conveniently stored on jack stands when not in use.

Other neat features include a 25 gal water tank for its dust control system, a curb blower hose, adjustable air bleeders to fine-tune suction, and a backpack holder bar.

Like all Schwarze sweepers, the Aero is American made in an ASQ/ANSI/ISO 9001:2105 Standard quality system certified facility in Huntsville, Alabama.

Technical Specifications


Cleaning Path

Water Tank Capacity

Hopper Capacity

2 cu yds


1,000 lbs. (approximately)

Aux. Engine

Robin Subaru EH-65

Power Source

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