PowerBoss Scrubmaster B400 RH Sweeper/Scrubber

PowerBoss Scrubmaster B400 RH Sweeper/Scrubber

The new PowerBoss Scrubmaster B400-RH battery-powered rider sweeper/scrubber guarantees hours of uninterrupted working and a high area performance thanks to the 105 gallon solution and recovery tank and the maximized battery capacity provided by the optional battery changing system. Equipped with a 3-disc-brush unit making a scrubbing width of 48 inches. Sweeping capabilities reach 60″! It also comes with many extras as standard, as well as PowerBoss-specific features such as the on-board dosing system and the ergonomic back-friendly design for the workplace.

From the flexi-wall tank with a two- stage filter system for coarse dirt and fine particles to the fully integrated space-saving dirt hopper, the new Scrubmaster B400-RH Series has been designed with attention to every detail. Each Scrubmaster can be individually configured to ensure that you always have the right machine at hand for your individual cleaning tasks with optimised original accessories that provide more efficiency, environmental protection and occupational safety for perfectly hygienic cleaning results. The PowerBoss Scrubmaster B400-R Series is ready for anything you throw at it.

  • 48″ Scrub Path, 3 disc brushes
  • 60″ Dry sweeping path with dust control. Includes dual side sweeping brooms as standard equipment
  • 105 gallon solution and recovery tanks, 5.3 cu ft hopper
  • 150,000 sq. ft. per hour of cleaning coverage
  • Large, industrial, intelligent combination electric sweeper scrubber
  • Battery Powered – 36V – 810 AH Industrial Monoblock, standard offering
  • 6 Hour Continuous Runtime on a single charge
  • Safely high dump debris into any container 65″ high or less
  • All daily “touch points” are no-tools change and are easy to access & replace. Color coded in YELLOW
  • Debris hopper holds 5.3 cubic feet of dust and debris
  • DUST STOP Side Brooms Standard for dust free edge cleaning
  • One button operation to begin sweeping and scrubbing in one pass
  • One-button operating system activates all the cleaning functions. Sweep and scrub in one pass.
  • Length 111″ Width 54″ Height 59″ w/OHG 83.46″
  • Individual functions can also be utilized, sweep or scrub independently. This allows to clean as needed.
  • Lifetime Warranty on FLEXI WALL or 10 Years

Technical Specifications


Brush Deck Options

Cleaning Path


Solution Tank Capacity

Recovery Tank Capacity

Hopper Capacity

5.3 cu.ft

Hopper Load Capacity

High-Dump Clearance

Productivity (Theoretical)

150,000 sqft/hr

Power Source


4,500 lbs.

Weight (w/o Batteries)

2,490 lbs.

Standard Battery

810Ah monoblock

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