Westward MAX-EV ORV Off-Road Vehicle

Westward MAX-EV ORV Off-Road Vehicle

The MAX-EV ORV is a zero-emission, electric off-road vehicle based on the MAX-EV on-road LSV. It’s affordably priced, thanks to the removal of the unneeded on-road features such as turn signals and the DOT windsheild (unless you want them, of course). Standard features include 4-wheel independent suspension, 4-wheel hydraulic disc brakes, wider turf tires, 62″ x 50″ flat deck, and a super tough 2.5 steel full rollbar chassis. Upgrades include the wider fender kit, options for turf or ATV tires, and even 4WD!

The MAX-EV is designed for the work fleet that needs a tough vehicle that can handle on or off road conditions.

Many options are available, so you can get just what you need and not what you don’t.
Additional options include:

  • Larger batteries (8kw, 15kw, or 20kw)
  • Roof
  • DOT windshield
  • Heat
  • Work accessories
  • More!

Technical Specifications



Power Source

Towing Capacity

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